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About me

He was born on December 21, 1993 in Hradec Králové, born Milan Šatník.

He was drawn to music since childhood. From the age of 13, he attended keyboard lessons at the ZUŠ Střezina, and also devoted himself to singing. Subsequently, he became interested in the electric guitar, then performed at wedding and birthday parties or in bars. His musical direction was greatly influenced by the band Queen. After his studies, he started working as a project coordinator for a company with a British executive. Thanks to this, he learned English and at the same time completed distance learning at a public law school. During the following years, he devoted himself to music, production and acting in the country and abroad; he mostly focuses on original music creation. In 2021, he adopted his new civil surname, Devinne.


    •    2012: První zahraniční vystoupení. He received an invitation from the music company MontreuxMusic to close the annual festival organized in honor of the life of Freddie Mercury in the Swiss city of Montreux with his group. Since then he has been the music and technical coordinator for the music company Montreux Celebration Days.

    •    2013: Tvůrce projektu Titanic Freddie AIDS. He founded an official educational program called Titanic Freddie Aids ( in the fight against AIDS for primary and secondary school students. In his lectures, using the example of the legendary singer Freddie Mercury, he draws attention to the dangers of AIDS. The project has already reached more than 16,000 children and young people in the Czech Republic and around the world. It was presented in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the USA, Mexico and Great Britain.

    •    2014: Symfonie. He collaborated with the Police Symphony Orchestra.

    •    2014: Režisérský počin. As a director, he participated in the world tour of the Australian band It's A Kinda Magic in the USA.

    •    2015: První filmová role. He played the supporting role of a German officer in the French documentary I Betrayed Hitler (Notre espion chez Hitler).

    •    2015: Boj proti AIDS. The Titanic Freddie Aids Project ( against AIDS received official sponsorship from the Mercury Phoenix Trust, which was founded in 1992 by members of the band Queen after the death of Freddie Mercury.

    •    2015: Jihoafrické turné. As a guitarist, he toured South Africa with Abbasolutely Fabbaulous.

    •    2016: Vlastní společnost. He founded the production company Musicase Production, which deals with management and direction in the field of music and culture, graphic design and organizing events.

    •    2016 a 2017: Koncert v Lantern. A guest on an indoor tour of the Czech Republic called České hvězdy sing Queen, which was followed by Prague's Lucerna every year. Other performers were Kamil Střihavka, David Kraus, Bohuš Matuš, Jaroslav Břeský, Vladimír Hron, Vlastimil Horváth and other singers of the Czech music scene.

    •    2017: Seriál První republika. He played the role of a young German in the Czech series First Republic II.

    •    2017: Pocta Davidu Bowiemu. In Berlin, he founded the band SuperHeroes in honor of David Bowie, with whom he performed throughout Germany during the year-long project.

    •    2017: Spolupráce s Peterem Freestonem . He became the official manager of Peter Freestone, Freddie Mercury's former personal assistant,

    •    2018: Role v Bohemian Rhapsody . He appeared in a supporting role in the film Bohemian Rhapsody, where he played in a key scene of the film alongside one of the main actors, Allen Leech.

    •    2019: Turné v Mexiku. He accepted an invitation to tour southern Mexico as part of the release of a new single, Free As a Bird, together with the Titanic Freddie Aids project, which was organized in Mexican universities.

    •    2019: Významná ocenění. On a tour of southern Mexico, he received awards and recognition from the University of Guanajuato and an international school for the fight against AIDS.

    •    2021: Charitativní projekt „Jsme all in it together". During the coronavirus pandemic, he created a musical charity project called "We're in this together" with the intention of raising the mood in society and at the same time obtaining financial aid for the hemato-oncology department of the Children's Clinic at the Faculty Hospital in Hradec Králové. He invited other Czech singers to the project – Natália Grossová, Martin Harich and Kamila Nývltová and the boys' choir Boni Pueri. Czech athletes also participated - ice hockey player Radek Smoleňák, athlete and Olympian Eva Vrabcová Nývltová, soccer player Radim Ottmar and MMA fighter David Dvořák.

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